Regularly offered courses include a lecture course on ancient Greek drama and its reception in ancient and modern times and advanced seminars on gender and sexuality in ancient Greece, utopian/dystopian genres and media across time, and on Greek drama and Athenian democracy.

CCIV/THEA 202Greek Drama: Theater and Social Justice, Ancient and Modern

CCIV 324: Tales of Hope or States of Delusion? Utopias, Past and Present

CCIV/FGSS 281: Gender and Sexuality in Ancient Greek Culture. 

CCIV 327Dangerous Acts: Transgression and Collective Feeling in Greek Drama.

CCIV 277Training Citizens? Aesthetics and Ideology in Greek Drama.


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From the rehearsal and production of Euripides’ Bacchae, the final project of CCIV 327 in Fall 2014,  in collaboration with actor Drew Cortese.


Language courses include beginning Greek, where we cover the fundamentals of Greek language starting from the alphabet itself as well as courses on more advanced levels, where we read influential works in the original and become familiar with scholarship and debates around them:

Beginning Greek: GRK 101 and 102

Intermediate Greek:

GRK 201: Greek Prose: Plato, Crito

GRK 201: Greek Prose: Lysias and Theophrastus

Advanced Greek

GRK 275: Homeric Epic: The Odyssey

GRK 311: Plato, Symposium

GRK 365: Greek Tragedy: Euripides, Bacchae

GRK 250: Body, Soul, and Afterlife Journeys in Ancient Greece (CLAC) [team-taught with K. Birney]

GRK 291: “Sexuality” in the Making: Gender, Law, and the Use of Pleasure in Ancient Greek Culture (CLAC)